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Pablo Pisano

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My name is Pablo Pisano and I'm a pizzaiolo and pizza teacher. I started working in gastronomy ten years ago, six years ago I decided to become a pizza chef.

My love for pizza started when I first learned how to make one all by myself. I was fascinated by the fact that from such simple ingredients (water, salt, yeast and flour) one could make this tasty global product. Since then, I've learned to uncover the secret of the perfect pizza. Today I work as a pizza chef at Disco Volante and am the co-founder of Scuola Volante. 



Antonio Avallone

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My name is Antonio Avallone and I'm a pizzaiolo and pizza teacher. My love for pizza and the art of baking began when I was a child in my family's Pasticceria Avallone in Naples. I've been a pizza baker at Disco Volante for 6 years, and I've also been a part of Scuola Volante right from the start. In 2022, I was voted among the top 10 of 250 pizza bakers worldwide and was able to prove my skills in Procida, Capital of Culture 2022, with a creation of my own using beef comb from the butcher Ringl. 



Laetitia Laconte

My name is Laetitia Laconte and I am the restaurant manager of Pronto Volante. At the Scuola Volante I take care of the administration, booking appointments and preparing individual offers. On site I help our pizza instructors and look after the guests with drinks and all sorts of useful information about our products. 

I grew up in Luxembourg, my father is Italian, and I've known how to deal with "proud Italian men" from an early age through living with my father and my brother. Languages are an important aspect of school education in Luxembourg; I speak Luxembourgish, German, Italian, English and French fluently. Our guests really appreciate this. 

I originally come from the social sector, but I ended up in the catering industry quite by chance when I arrived in Vienna around three years ago. My training and knowledge in social work also sometimes comes in handy in my daily interactions with colleagues and some guests. 


I do my job with passion and get involved everywhere. The Scuola Volante is a wonderful balance for me to the daily, often hectic work rhythm in the Pronto. Here there is sometimes more time for intensive conversations and a little technical talk about the love of pizza and great products. 

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